10 reasons to study at GSD

Educate in values, seeking excellence, preparing students for a global society.
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How will your child grow in GSD?
Our project aims to develop all students' abilities through comprehensive training.
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GSD Open House 2022
Last Saturday August 6th at GSD International School Costa Rica, we celebrated our Open House. We did different workshops; talent shows and guided tours to celebrate with the more than 90 interested families who visited us.
8 Ago 2022
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The Head of GSD International School of Costa Rica met with His Majesty the King, D.Felipe VI
Mr. Juan Barrilero, Head of GSD International School Costa Rica attended a reception last Saturday on the visit of His Majesty the King, D. Felipe VI that took place at the residence of the Ambassador of Spain in Costa Rica.
5 May 2022
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7 U.S. and 6 Costa Rican universities visited GSD ISCR
Last Wednesday, March 30, 7 U.S. and 6 Costa Ricans universities visited GSD ISCR at their vocational fair.
4 Abr 2022
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GSD ISCR graduate wins 100% Scholarship at prestigious Costa Rican university
Angélica Quirós graduated from the class of 2021 at GSD ISCR, was one of the 12 winners of a 100% scholarship under the Leadership program at ULACIT.
3 Mar 2022
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GSD ISCR wins first place in prestigious international award
A group of eleven students and two teachers from GSD ISCR won the prestigious INNE Award (GSD International Award for Educational Innovation) in its eighth edition, based in Spain.
2 Feb 2022
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Spanish GSD Olympic Swimmers visited Costa Rica to motivate our students
Jimena Pérez and Nicolás García shared with GSD ISCR students, one month after having competed in Tokyo 2020
9 Sep 2021
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Open House for new families
During the month of August more than 60 families visited our facilities and learned about the educational project
8 Ago 2021
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GSD teachers and staff received the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19
This week GSD International School Costa Rica staff were vaccinated against COVID-19
6 Jun 2021
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Sports facilities construction is in the final stretch
The heavy rains of recent days have delayed the process
4 Abr 2021
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Students from GSD International School Costa Rica are participating on a world-wide conference of environment caretakers
Four students represent our School in The Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI) annual conference
10 Oct 2020
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It's official: Face-to-face classes will not return in 2020
The Minister of Education made the official announcement this afternoon at the press conference on the status of COVID-19
8 Ago 2020
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GSD community donated 90 diaries to needy families in La Guácima and Alajuelita
The school came together to collect groceries and also invited the private industry, which responded with great support to the good cause
7 Jul 2020
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GSD Cameroon: Education in Africa in the time of the coronavirus
The school opened almost two years ago in the Pouma region that has had to suspend face-to-face activity by the pandemic, however, the pedagogical activity continues
5 May 2020
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Virtual Learning prevents education to be stopped
From March 17th until April 3rd GSD International School Costa Rica students are taking online lessons as all the Schools in the country were closed
3 Mar 2020
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MEP Highlights GSD International School's growth in Costa Rica
GSD International School has grown to a level that is not usual for private schools in Costa Rica
2 Feb 2020
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GSD present on Cooperativism Forum
Senior GSD representatives visited Costa Rica to talk about our cooperative
2 Feb 2020
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Vaccination of our students at GSD Cameroun
Our Cooperative carried out its social responsibility business initiative in a country whose life expectancy does not reach the age of 50.
12 Dic 2019
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A unique culinary travel experience in Costa Rica
GSD IS Costa Rica is pleased to host four students from GSD Buitrago Culinary School.
11 Nov 2019
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Thirteen is our lucky number!
The number 13 usually considered bad luck.
11 Nov 2019
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