Students from GSD International School Costa Rica are participating on a world-wide conference of environment caretakers

1 October 2020      

Tenth graders María Paula Sánchez, Valeria Sánchez, Angélica Quirós and Andrea Molina from eleventh grade, are participating in the 2020 CEI Annual Conference (The Caretakers of the Environment International), an initiative that brings together high school students and teachers from around the world, in which people shares projects on how different countries care for natural resources and the environment.


As part of their participation in this conference, our students gave an animated presentation on initiatives that have been taken in our country to protect the environment.


For GSD International School Costa Rica it is an honor that these young people together with Professor Silvia have represented us at this conference and we thank them for the effort made to leave us very high.


The 2020 conference is the thirty-fourth edition of this important global initiative.