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2. Users:USER access to /use of the GSD web portal indicates acceptance of the login and USAGE terms and General Conditions reflected herein. The aforementioned Conditions are applicable independent from the General Terms for contracting, which are obligatory in nature.

3. Portal use :“” provides access to a vast amount of information, services, programs, or data (hereinafter, “the content”) on the Internet which belong to GSD or its licensees, to which the USER may have access. The USER assumes all the responsibility for using the portal. It is applicable to the registration necessary to gain access to certain services or contents. The USER is responsible for introducing true and verifiable information when registering. Once registered, a password is provided for which the USER is responsible, and agrees to proper terms of use and maintain its confidentiality. The USER agrees to use of the contents and services therein in a correct manner (such as chat services, discussion groups, or notice boards) offered by GSD on its portal, included in yet not limited to not using them to (i) incur in illicit, illegal, or other activities which are not in good faith and in line with public order, (ii) share contents/propaganda which is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, illegal, supporting terrorism or against human rights, (iii) cause physical and logical harm to GSD, its suppliers, or third parties, introduce or spread viruses on the network or any other physical/logical systems susceptible to creating the abovementioned harm, and where applicable, use the e.mail accounts of other users to modify or manipulate their messages. GSD reserves the right to delete any comments/contributions which violate the respect for personal dignity, or which are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, or which represents a threat to childhood or youth, order, or public safety, or which for whatever reason is deemed to be inappropriate for publication. In any event, GSD is not to be held responsible for the opinions shared by users on forums, chats, or other social media sites.

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5.Liability disclaimer GSD at no time takes responsibility for any damages and claims of any nature, including: errors and omissions in content, website crash, or the transmission of viruses/malware through any of its content, despite having adopted all the necessary technological measures to avoid them.

6.Alterations: GSD reserves the right to enact any modifications it deems appropriate without prior notice, and is entitled to remove/add any content and services offered online, as well as the manner in which they are presented/located on the portal.

7. Links: Any links/hyper-links and contents from other Internet sources are beyond GSD’s control. GSD does not accept responsibility in any manner for the contents available on other external website links, nor does it guarantee technical availability, quality, reliability, exactness, breadth, veracity, validity, or the content of any material/information presented through any of the abovementioned hyperlinks or websites. The inclusion of said external links at no time is representative of association, merger, or participation in joint ventures.

8. Right of exclusion: GSD reserves the right to refuse or reject user access to its portal and/or its services offered, without the need for prior notice, at its own initiative or at that of a third party to anyone infringing these General Usage Terms.

9. Generalidades: GSD perseguirá el cumplimiento de las presentes condiciones así como cualquier utilización indebida de su portal ejerciendo todas las acciones civiles y penales que le puedan corresponder en derecho.

9. General aspects: GSD expects compliance with the terms and conditions outlined herein, and any incorrect use of its website will be met with any and all corresponding civil/criminal complaints.

10. Amendments to these terms and duration: GSD is entitled to any time amend the terms and conditions outlined herein, considered duly published as they appear. The duration of the terms and conditions herein depends on any changes or new additions.

11. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction: The relationship between GSD and the USER is subject to Costa Rican legislation, and any controversies will fall before its courts and tribunals.