1º Who is the party in charge of managing your data?
The data controller is Gredos San Diego, S. Coop. Mad. (hereinafter GSD), with legal identification number 3-012- 702749, and address at C / José Gutiérrez Maroto, nº 26, 28051, Madrid, and email address:

2º For what purposes do we process your personal data?
The data gathered by GSD serves different purposes related mainly to the performance of the educational and guidance function during the stay of our students in the Institution in an appropriate way, for which we will also require health or psychological data, and other data necessary to care and communication with families, and those required to carry out the essential accessory administrative procedures, such as billing data or those necessary for the management of scholarships and grants.

But also, we collect data in the case of contracting services and complementary or extracurricular activities (including cultural and study trips, international exchanges), to provide these services correctly, or in order to carry out surveillance of access to our centers , in addition to the administrative management that involves the management of clients and suppliers.

Eventually, we collect data for the organization of events and activities, or for advice on matters that are our own.

In all these cases, the personal data that we request is essential to be able to correctly develop the service, contract, provision or activity contracted or established with the interested party, in addition to fulfilling our obligations to our students, and to provide an experience appropriate to each of our students, families, and users thereof, as well as to maintain contact with each of you, transferring the particular information that, in each case, punctually, is pertinent.

Refusal to provide the requested personal data, or communication of inexact/incomplete data may lead to the inability to adequately provide the services or comply with legal terms. Therefore, users - in this case, parents or legal guardians - or interested parties assume the responsibility for providing the required data, and notify GSD of any changes therein.

Finally, we also collect data to provide job placement and job search services through the "employment network" and through the space on the website established for this purpose

The purpose in the case of image processing may be, firstly, their making available or information to the participants or the families of the participants about the development of the activity, and secondly, to be able to be used and integrated into different own communication supports, either through newsletters, school magazines, promotional DVDs, web pages, blogs, social networks, internet channels (YouTube or other similar means), always in an informative context of the activity, non-profit and of an educational-cultural nature. In any case, GSD will require an express authorization from the interested parties for any other purpose not included in the previous ones, providing them with the corresponding information in that regard.

The images captured by the existing video cameras at the accesses to the GSD centers are intended to safeguard the integrity of the facilities, access to them and the safety of people, in compliance with the Security Law.

In the case of rental or transfer of facilities, the data required are those necessary to carry out the contractual provision of said rental and in the case of overnight stays by people, to comply with the obligations established in the basic regulations governing travelers.

In no case will the purpose and treatment of the data be automated decision-making or profiling.

How do we obtain your data?
GSD obtains your data directly from the information provided by the owner of the same –or their parents, guardians or legal representative, where appropriate-, at the time of registration, registration in any activity or request and contracting of services.

For how long do we store your data?
In general, the personal data provided for school management, including the health or guidance that is required, will be kept as long as the provision of the educational service is maintained, so it will be the responsibility of the owner to communicate the changes that occur in relation to the same. All data that must be kept in their academic record will be blocked, the rest of the data will be deleted after one year from the student's final withdrawal for any reason -except for transfer of the record-. The data of the aforementioned academic record will remain in custody at the entity for the purposes established in the current educational legislation. The data corresponding to requests for admission or pre-registration in any service or activity that have not been finally admitted will be deleted after the legal period during which claims or responsibilities may arise. The personal data provided for the provision of a complementary service, extracurricular, camp, cultural trip or educational exchange, as well as to attend an activity or event or rental of facilities will be deleted after one year from the provision of the service, being able to keep a copy, with the data duly blocked, while responsibilities for the execution of the provision may be derived, being kept only for the purposes of a possible claim or activation of a new request for the provision of services by the interested party. Contact information will not be deleted in cases where its conservation has been expressly authorized for the purpose of transferring information about products and services, canceling all data unrelated to that purpose, or on which its deletion is requested by the interested party. In the case of data of candidates to occupy a job, the data will not be transferred to third parties and will be kept by GSD until the award of a job or after the period of 4 years has elapsed, unless the interested party has exercised previously your right of cancellation, at any time. The data provided for participation as a teacher of the entity or in activities, events organized by it, will remain valid unless expressly communicated by the interested party of its deletion.

4. Recipients. Who will receive your data?
Usually the required data is processed internally for the correct execution of the educational service or contracted accessory services - extracurricular activities, services, etc.-, communicating internally to all the people involved in the development of the educational process and the contracted services, including these effects on trainees and those other people or entities that collaborate or may be hired for these purposes, and the Sports Club, Cultural Association and the GSD Foundation. We will require all of them to comply with the relevant data security measures and we will prohibit their transfer, except those legitimately necessary for compliance with them.

In relation to the data provided to carry out extracurricular, complementary activities or national or international school trips, the data will only be communicated to those people, professionals, or entities that are strictly necessary for the correct development of the contracted activity (such as banking entities , insurance, entities providing the service where appropriate, including travel or transport agencies, airlines, exchange educational centers, or similar), and those assignments necessary for administrative and billing management. In these cases a request of authorization of interested for the cession of the these data to those organizations suppliers of services will be successfully obtained specifically that could be located abroad, jeopardizing to us contractually to require to same the application of the corresponding policies of protection and confidentiality of the yielded data, to which, among others, the suppression of these data will be demanded to them once finished the benefit of the service.

Occasionally we may request authorization for the capture and transfer of images captured during the development of extracurricular activities, school trips or camps.

For any other assignment or use that we plan to make, we will require your prior authorization, providing you with all the relevant information for that purpose.

Security measures. GSD, in order to make its Data Protection policy effective and efficient, has adopted the technical and organizational security measures necessary to prevent alteration, loss, misuse, treatment and unauthorized access or theft thereof, given the state of technology.

5.Rights. What are your rights when you provide us with your data?
Anyone has the right to obtain information about whether GSD is processing personal data that concerns them or not.

Under certain circumstances, and for reasons related to their particular situations, the interested parties may object to the processing of their data. GSD shall cease to process the data, except on legitimate or overriding grounds or for the exercise or defence of possible claims.

To exercise your rights, access, rectification, opposition, cancellation or any other that you consider necessary, you should contact the Data Controller indicated in section 1. For this they may send, in writing making their request, which must include the name and surname of the interested party, a photocopy of their identity card, passport or other valid document that identifies them -or of the person who represents them if necessary-, details of the request that is made, address for the purposes of notifications, date and signature of the applicant and those documents that it deems supporting the request, if necessary.