About Us

Our students

GSD students receive an education based on the doctrine of personal enrichment through the development of all their capacities, fostering social skills so as to objectively and productively participate in bettering their social and natural environment. They become familiar with the concept of diversity, gaining an objective and balanced understanding of the world around them thanks to access to culture, sports, and respect for nature. GSD graduates are prepared to fully integrate into society, in the awareness that knowledge and know-how are the necessary tools for personal promotion, and that social values must be shared.

Personal enrichment through
the development of
all their capacities
Our professors

GSD professors foster its students a learning process against a global backdrop. Our teachers mediate with students to resolve conflict from a position of respect and tolerance, stressing the positive. This is model behavior, setting the example on respect for established norms.

They reflect healthy emotions, are content to be at work, with optimism for the future; they stand out thanks to their collaborative attitude with both students and colleagues alike. This responsible attitude mirrors honesty, sincerity, and is the basis for teamwork.

GSD teaching staff is professionally competent, expects quite a bit from others and themselves, while reflecting their commitment to continuous training and remaining up to date in using ICT.

Learning in a teamwork-based
global environment