Global Experience

Thanks to GSD’s long trajectory in designing and self-managing its international teaching programs, GSD IS CR fosters a myriad of experiences on 5 continents through its initiative, including: cultural/linguistic exchanges, short and long immersion programs during the school year and holidays, study trips, and theme camps.
Match the People is a proposition featuring activities exposing its participants to different destinations, seeking out unconventional scenarios which not only provide language training, but immerse them in the culture and environment of each location.

Our teaching team follows our educational project to the letter, with students thereby receiving top-notch human and intellectual interaction. This is the goal of all the activities comprising our program.

Our school is visited by students from schools within the GSD network worldwide, including visits to Costa Rica encompassing short-, medium-, and long-term stays focusing on cultural, linguistic, environmental, sport, musical, or artistic aspects, often with the option for families and students to house them, involving them in their lives just like another member of the family.