What are cookies? Cookies are files downloaded onto your computer when you visit certain websites. They permit a website to store and recover information our user’s/an equipment’s surfing habits, depending on the information contained as well as the manner in which the equipment is used, to thereby recognize a user.

What types of cookies does this website use?

1. Own cookies: These are sent to a user’s terminal from another or a domain managed by its editor from which the service is provided to the user.

1. Own cookies: These are sent to a user’s terminal from another or a domain managed by its editor from which the service is provided to the user.

2. Third-party cookies: These are sent to a user terminal from another or a domain not managed by its editor, but rather, by a different entity handling the data obtained through the cookies.

3. Session cookies: These collect and store data while a user browsed a website.

4. Persistent cookies: Store data on a terminal so that they may be accessed/treated over a specific period of time defined by the party in charge of cookies - from a few minutes to several years.

5. Technical cookies: They permit a user to surf a website, platform, or application, and use the different options/services available.

6. Personalization cookies: These allow users to access a service with certain general, pre-defined characteristics based on a number of criteria on a user’s terminal, such as: language, type of browser from which the service is accessed, local configuration, etc.

7. Analysis cookies: These are those that allow us to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the statistical measurement and analysis of the use made by the users of the offered service. Information obtained this way is used to measure the traffic on a website, application, or platform, and to create user browsing profiles for them in order to make functional analysis improvements to data used.

How to deactivate/eliminate cookies
You may permit, block, or eliminate cookies installed on your device using the configuration for the
different browsing options installed on your computer. Please read the section on browser
assistance to understand more about how to activate “private mode” or unblock certain cookies.
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Deactivating/eliminating Google Analytics cookies
If you accept Google Analytics cookies, you may uninstall them at a later date using your browser’s configuration, as stated previously, or by installing its add-on:

What happens when we deactivate cookies?
Deactivation/removal of cookies consent on our website may lead to errors in functioning, block overall/partial browsing of its content.