Extracurricular Activities

All activities are programed to educate in values and foster our students’ interest in healthy and creative activities which help them to develop all their physical, intellectual, and artistic talents, and to form them as people. They are complementary to education, and tailored to their needs and preferences.

GSD Sports

The GSD Sports Club fosters sporting activities in our schools and their surroundings, all the way up to competition level. Our shared values include companionship, solidarity, cooperation, effort, responsibility, respect, and tolerance, which are fundamental aspects underpinning our project. Activities

GSD Music and Dance

At GSD International School Costa Rica, we stress the key importance of music training for children and adults alike, and therefore do our best to offer a wide variety of musical activities.

GSD Culture

The GSD Cultural Association supports culture, ensuring that the students at GSD International School Costa Rica and others may participate in an array of training initiatives to develop their skills, while stimulating their creativity and interest in the arts.