Educational Project

Orientation and attention to diversity

Our educational approach is a holistic process whereby students’ academic formation fosters the cognitive and social development of our students, while also being aware of their feelings. Our students emerge having successfully completed the learn process and making plans for their futures permitting them to participate in contributing to society.

This approach involves creating moments and educational streams which help detect and resolve any learning difficulties which might present themselves. Experience- and research-based learning contribute to defining the ideal educational pathways for our students, based on their dreams and skills.

Contribute to the
overall and
individualized teaching
of our students

This can be achieved because we:
  • Adapt to each student’s learning style and idiosyncrasies.
  • Help direct upper-grade students towards the academic areas which best fit their career plans based on different alternatives, establishing smooth two-way dialogue between teachers and families.
  • Reconcile student needs by ensuring that spaces, timelines, content, and methodologies support the educational process.
  • Create specific activities for students with special needs.