Educational Project

Cooperative learning

Our Cooperative Learning model underpins our project model and ensures that all the other tools are implemented. It is fully aligned with our principles and guarantees superb academic performance as well as our students’ personal/professional integration into society.

Our approach transforms traditional schoolrooms into inclusive spaces where everyone feels included and each student receives an education thanks to receiving the appropriate support and attention they require.

A place where all
of our students learn

Pedagogical Principles
  1. Integral and inclusive education.
  2. Learning through living.
  3. Teaching critical thinking.
  4. Democratic, participative, and cooperative education.
  5. Emotional education.
  6. Intercultural and multilingual education.
  7. Co-education.
  8. Teaching ecology and social responsibility.
  9. Teaching creativity and divergent thinking.
  10. Teaching healthy lifestyle habits.

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