Spanish GSD Olympic Swimmers visited Costa Rica to motivate our students

14 September 2021      

In the last Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games GSD had two representatives in swimming, as Jimena Pérez and Nicolás García are alumni of GSD Moratalaz and compete representing the GSD swimming club.

After competing among the best swimmers in the world, these young elite swimmers visited our country to motivate the young Costa Ricans of GSD ISCR.

"For me this is very curious, because I remember very well when I was sitting in the student stall and special guests came to give us a talk. I saw them as outstanding people and I felt that I was never going to be in that position, but now I am the one who comes with a message for the students, although I never imagined it that way," said Jimena Pérez, who competed in the 800 and 1,500 meters events at Tokyo 2020.

Something that the boys valued very much was to hear from two young people the experiences they have accumulated in their sports careers and the advice they gave them.

"I always tell them (who asks for advice) that you have to enjoy what you do, whatever the activity and you also have to have a lot of patience, I give an example to a friend of mine, who has spent 5 years without lowering his mark (of swimming), and when he managed to lower it he came to set a new record in Spain",  explained Nicolás García, 19 years old and who finished among the best eight swimmers in the 200 back race.