GSD ISCR wins first place in prestigious international award

23 February 2022      

A group of eleven students and two teachers from GSD ISCR won the prestigious INNE Award (GSD International Award for Educational Innovation) in its eighth edition, based in Spain.  "Building significant learning through the declaration of the Morpho Helenor Narcissus butterfly as a national symbol of Costa Rica" is the name of the project that was presented to the jury of these awards.

This project aims to support and substantiate the importance of making the Morpho butterfly a national symbol of Costa Rica.

Currently the work that began in our classrooms, is a law project in La Asamblea Legislativa of Costa Rica supported by several deputies from different political parties.

The Morpho Butterfly would be the first and only insect declared a national symbol of Costa Rica

With justifications based on the touristic and economic impact and the feeling of belonging and pride generated by the Morpho butterfly for Costa Ricans, this group of students and teachers managed to reach the highest place in the first participation of Costa Rica in the INNE awards.

It is undoubtedly a pride for our institution to know that Isabella Rivera Miranda, Yahairis de la Cruz Marte, Emma León-Paez Álvarez, Angélica Quirós Mena, Valeria Sánchez Coto, María Paula Sánchez Gutiérrez, Mariángel Corrales Herrera, Raquel Vargas Garrido, Ellie Chaput Renick, Mónica Lara Ramírez, Sofía Skorka Moses, Cindy Taco Quirós and Silvia Chavarría Alvarado, represented our country and left it at the top.

This project shows us that with patience, perseverance, and a lot of effort it is possible to achieve any goal.