GSD community donated 90 diaries to needy families in La Guácima and Alajuelita

14 July 2020      

Students and families of GSD International School Costa Rica came together and, with the collaboration of private industry, managed to raise 90 solidarity boxes to help the families who need it most during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative came from the Student Government of our school, as a way to unite the student community and families and help people who are having a rough time because of this pandemic.

Some private companies joined the initiative in the food collection with important donations:

Pozuelo: 69 boxes of their products

Dos Pinos: 80 units of pinito milk bags

Mar Profundo Internacional: 145 rolls of toilet paper

GoDry: 160 masks

LapaGreen: 5 boxes of cleaning products (chlorine, alcohol, disinfectants)

In total, 90 boxes were assembled with basic necessities products that were distributed in two locations: El Cen-Cinai  de La Guácima de Alajuela (received 35) and the Genesis Foundation of Alajuelita (with 55 boxes).

"This initiative meant a lot of effort in times of crisis, but it certainly reflected the great heart and solidarity that exists when we come together to do good things. Once again the Student Government thanks all the families of GSD International School Costa Rica and the companies that joined in with generosity and allowed us to give a solidarity hand to the people who are going through difficult situations at this hard time," said Maripaz Sandoval, president of the student government of GSD.