Thirteen is our lucky number!

22 November 2019      

Thirteen is our lucky number! The number 13 usually considered bad luck, but for GSD International School Costa Rica, this number has been a good charm. This year our school will have its first secondary school graduating class, which is a group of 13 students that will be celebrating this outstanding life achievement. Although our school is only in its second year, we were very fortunate that these students put their academic future in our hands and trusted us to guide them in their senior year, which is very important. On December 4th, parents, teachers, families and special guests will witness our Graduating Class processes into our auditorium and make history as the first GSD International School Costa Rica Graduating Class. Our students will be joined by four graduating students from the Culinary Arts Program from our GSD International School Buitrago, Spain. We couldn´t ask for a better group to be the first graduates of our school as they have demonstrated the intellect, values, and vision that represents GSD students.