Vaccination of our students at GSD Cameroun

13 December 2019      

A nurse assisted us throughout these procedures, offering quarterly awareness talks on health, hygiene, and family diets. GSD École Internationale au Cameroun commenced its campaign focused on vaccinating and de-worming all its students. A specialized nurse assisted us throughout these procedures, offering Cameroon families quarterly awareness talks about health, hygiene, and family diets. Our Cooperative carried out its social responsibility business initiative in a country with a life expectancy of under 50. GSD École Internationale au Cameroun is currently in its second year carrying out this activity with a total of 134 students in Pre-school and Primary. The plan contemplates reaching a total of 600 in upcoming years including two current Secondary cycles. The facility is in Pouma, a rural area close to Cameroon’s biggest cities, Yaoundé and Douala, attending on average 4-5 children per family, 50% of whom have never been to school. GSD took on the challenge of filling in this gaping educational gap, a reflected of our cooperative’s shared values. This reflects GSD’s solid commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. The involvement of our different corporate areas, GSD and Abriendo Caminos Foundations, as well as other entities and individuals can be seen in gradual progress made towards our goal of offering holistic, quality education based on values rooted in sustainability and social commitment to ages 3-17, adapting our teaching foundations to the reality of this central African country .

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