GSD ISCR graduate wins 100% Scholarship at prestigious Costa Rican university

24 March 2022      

Angélica Quirós graduated from the class of 2021 at GSD ISCR, was one of the 12 winners of a 100% scholarship under the Leadership program at ULACIT.

The Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT) is the best private university in Costa Rica according to QS Latin America University Rankings 2022.

This scholarship rewards students with an excellent academic record and for excelling in topics such as leadership, some special talent or for having an active and positive participation towards the community; this can be through environmental, social, artistic, sports projects, etc.

  Angélica stood out for her participation in different extracurricular activities, both sports and artistic, such as dance, gymnastics, football, volleyball, swimming, painting, drawing, different musical instruments and even a participation in a choir.

To   all this are added all the projects of social and environmental awareness such as activities to help animals and projects carried out in GSD ecological club like the "Morpho Butterfly as a National Symbol of Costa Rica".

In the academic level at GSD, Angélica received a recognition of merit for academic excellence and also she participated in science fairs, the student government and some spelling competitions.

All this and more concluded in her receiving the ULACIT 100% scholarship for Leadership.

The process to apply was long and exciting, the Angélica had to look for letters of recommendation from different teachers and coaches, as well as writing an essay explaining why she was worthy of the scholarship.

The student mentioned:

They told me that even though I applied for several scholarships, they were willing to select me for a 100% Leadership Scholarship. From that moment on everything was very exciting. I waited a while for the answer and one night I received the email that I was chosen for the 100% Leadership Scholarship.


This scholarship covers 100% of the cost of tuition during the entire career of interest of the awarded students.


Angélica is currently studying her first semester in the "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration" career and is the president of the Green Club of the university (area in charge of ecology and environmental projects of the institution).