14 April 2023      

The World Health Organization was created in 1948 and every year it is commemorated. On its 75th anniversary, the organization has chosen to focus on achieving Health for All.

For GSD International School, health is a fundamental key for the development of its students in all aspects. To answer the students' concerns and needs, the school has organized several workshops related to nutrition, hygiene, emotional management, among other activities. 

Laura Carballo Sayao, GSD ISCR PH. D. “Prevention is essential. Working in an educational center means that we have the responsibility to do our part to provide our students the necessary tools to understand, from a very early age, the importance of physical, emotional and nutritional health in their lives”.

According to WHO, some 50 million children around the world have not been able to have access to appropriate health care. The causes are manifold, and the pandemic itself has been  a potential consequence.   For this reason, the organization has set the goal of recovering the pace lost in this field and has given more awareness about emotional health among the youngest population.

Dr. Fred Cavallo, pediatrician: “Health is a very valuable treasure that we all have, that is why we must look for ways to prevent diseases and always take care of our body”.