A unique culinary travel experience in Costa Rica

25 November 2019      

There is something special about having an authentic experience while traveling abroad. Cultures identify themselves through their cuisine and Costa Ricans are not different. GSD International School Costar Rica is pleased to host four students from GSD Buitrago Culinary School. Rocío, Alejandro, Felipe and Carlos are having a travel experience while gaining valuable culinary work practice for two weeks. The students are helping GSD ISCR school kitchen staff with their regular duties and experimenting with new Costa Rican and Latin American recipes with a personalized attention given by our Responsible of Healthy Food Rodrigo Villalta. The agenda is also enriched with visits to different locations of the country ready to let the students learn how to cook up some Tico-style "picadillos”,"tortillas” and "olla de carne" for a delicious sit-down meal and plenty of captivating conversations!