10 reasons to study at GSD


We are committed to the overall success of our students thanks to the holistic approach we apply in the arts, culture, and sports, as well as the respect for the environment.


We have a solid trajectory of quality and excellence in education. Our focus is on our students’ proficiency, based on stellar academic results and external testing scores.


We believe in serving our families, involving them in the educational process, and getting them onboard during the learning process.


Our professionals are outstanding, which is evident in their ongoing and permanent commitment to and closeness with families.


Not only do we highlight bilingual education and the acquisition of other foreign languages, but also in developing the necessary skills to thrive in a globalized world.


We support the solid study habits and discipline necessary to achieving a feeling of achievement, and a love for a job well done.


We also foster a positive personal/professional attitude towards technology and IT, employing methodologiessuch as programming and robotics in the classroom.


Innovation is part of our daily life. Active methodologies, such as cooperation-based learning or working on projects bolster teamwork, the fundamental principle of our teaching method.


Our secular, non-religious culture is based on tolerance, respect and free thought, and the stimulation of critical thinking. Our students demonstrate solidarity and respect for our ethical and social regulations which favor positive coexistence.


We are a solvent, socially-committed Co-op, with a focus on innovation and effective management.

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