Boarding life

Extracurricular activities

One of our goals is to ensure that our students enjoy all sort of activities such as physical activity, music, and culture rooted in education and values.

We also share our enthusiasm about nature to improve health, and foster awareness to caring for and respecting our environment.

All activities are planned and programmed to educate and spark student interest in healthy and creative leisure activities; these should help them to develop their intellectual and physical abilities to the maximum- We focus on multicultural interactions, forming our students as people and enriching their educations based on their needs and preferences.

Educating and encouraging the interest of children and young people in healthy and creative leisure

Wich activities can be practiced?
Chess Basketball Badminton Martial arts - personal defense Soccer Gymnastics Swimming Skating Volleyball Nature hikes ...
Cultural activities
Spanish guitar Piano ...
Theater IH – English Singing/choir ...

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