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Gredos San Diego was founded in 1985 by a group of 18 partners

Cooperativa Gredos San Diego was first created in 1985 by 18 founding members (comprised of teachers and other staff) who assumed control of the school when its owner Julio López Herrero retired.

Colegio Centro Cultural Gredos arose from GSD Cooperativa, dating back 50 years, when its founder broke ground for the new headquarters on Avenida de San Diego, the origin of its name. Thanks to its solid presence in the neighborhood, as well as its liberal and modern approach, GSD forms integral part of the history of the humble neighborhood where it was first created in the heart of Vallecas, in Madrid. A number of renowned personalities from the worlds of culture and sports have walked its halls.

GSD Cooperativa currently manages 8 schools in the Madrid area: Colegio GSD Vallecas (inaugurated in 1994), Colegio GSD Moratalaz (September 2000), and Colegio GSD El Escorial (September 2003); at the start of the 2007-2008 school year, GSD Las Rozas opened its doors, as did the center located in Ensanche de Vallecas, GSD Las Suertes. That same year, GSD Alcalá started its classes thanks to an agreement reached with Cooperativa Educación Activa Complutense to build and start up a school based on the same management and educational model as GSD’s. GSD Guadarrama came onto the scene in September of 2008.

During 2013, GSD International School Buitrago joined the GSD Community. Apart from offering Primary and Secondary education as well as vocational training, the above center is a melting pot of cultures, nationalities, and languages spoken. It is truly an International experience, with ELE (Spanish as a Second Language) in different programs, ranging from short stays to summer camps for students from all over, as well as teacher training in the arts/sports, etc.

In February of 2018, we opened GSD International School Costa Rica. This was a decisive step on the road to internationalization for GSD, based on the solid bonds of friendship and cooperation forged over 10 years ago. GSD International School Costa Rica is considered a center with a global mentality, as it offers the best education available in Spain and Costa Rica, with the added plus of experiences shared with our sister schools worldwide.

In the month of September of that same year, the doors of GSD International School Pouma (Cameroon) opened, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project under the auspices of the Abriendo Caminos and GSD Foundations, introducing our successful educational model there.

Our Co-op also offers two Nature Classrooms which also serve as rural tourism centers: La Vía Láctea-El Corralón (located in Casavieja, Avila), and Sendas del Riaza in Valdevacas de Montejo, Segovia); the latter is owned by the Natural Heritage Foundation.

GSD International School
opened its doors
in 2012
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