About Us

GSD Values

Assist individuals with their development during various stages of life by educating citizens committed to improving society immersed in an ever-globalizing world. We create quality educational projects as well as jobs, all based on a model of social economy.


Position the GSD Group as a benchmark in local and global social economy, enjoying recognition gained thanks to our dynamic, innovative approach, as well as a strong reputation in job creation as well as representing a transformational experience. Gain recognition of GSD as a teaching institution offering a comprehensive learning experience based on excellence and socially-responsible management.

  • Honesty
    We seek coherence, sincerity, and the spirit of improvement in all our personal and business endeavors.
  • Solidarity
    We foster the values represented by mutual assistance and social responsibility.
  • Tolerance
    The respect for the ideas, beliefs, and behavior of others.
  • Democracy
    We embed our project’s essence in our business.
Principles of cooperation
  1. Voluntary and open membership.
  2. Democratic member control.
  3. Members’ economic participation
  4. Autonomy and Independence.
  5. Education, training, and information.
  6. Cooperation among Cooperatives.
  7. Concern for community.
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