Boarding life

Why board with us?
Why our boarding
Xin Zhang

Xin Zhang
Junior Director of Global Development/ GSD Cooperative

Our GSD International School Buitrago boarding program provides our students the ideal setting in which to focus on their studies, and seek personal growth thanks to the support they receive from our teaching staff, as well as living and interacting with other Spanish and international students.

Study and teamwork involve individuals from many different origins through cultural, sports, musical, artistic, and entertaining activities that foster student interaction and set the stage for a fulfilling social life, which is key during this stage of development. The School is located in Buitrago del Lozoya, a stunning medieval village in the north of Madrid, allowing for a vast array of activities in a safe and healthy environment 45 minutes away from the capital.

Services provided at GSD International School Buitrago include healthy food prepared by our chefs, appetizing meals prepared by our chefs, onsite medical clinic, educational and personal counselors, swimming pools, etc.

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