About Us

GSD Cooperative

We foster
the eagerness
to discover
and learn

Gredos San Diego Sociedad Cooperativa Madrileña is Social Economy-integrated teaching entity which provides a public service with the efficiency of a private enterprise. As an associated work cooperative (or Co-op), our teachers and administration and service staff and are all cooperative members. GSD Cooperativa currently employs over 1,500 including, of whom over 1,000 people are members.


GSD’s schools are secular, fostering free thought and tolerance: we plant the seed of ingrained educational values based on the respect for human dignity, while also boosting the interest in discovery and investigation of sciences and humanities.

A transformational project,
involving those
who share similar
principles and values

During 2013, GSD International School Buitrago joined the GSD Community. Apart from offering Primary and Secondary education as well as vocational training, this school is a melting pot of cultures, nationalities, and languages spoken. It is truly an International experience, with ELE (Spanish as a foreign Language) available in different programs, ranging from short stays to summer camps for students from all over, as well as teacher training in the arts/sports, etc.

In February of 2018, we opened GSD International School Costa Rica. This was a decisive step on the road to internationalization for GSD, based on the solid bonds of friendship and cooperation forged over 10 years ago. GSD International School Costa Rica is considered a center with a global mentality, as it offers the best education available in Spain and Costa Rica, with the added plus of experiences shared with our sister schools worldwide.

During the month of September of that same year, GSD International School Cameroon opened, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project under the auspices of the Abriendo Caminos and GSD Foundations, introducing our successful educational model there.

Nature Classrooms

Our Co-op also offers two Nature Classrooms which also serve as rural tourism centers: La Vía Láctea-El Corralón (located in Casavieja, Avila), and Sendas del Riaza (in Valdevacas de Montejo, Segovia); the latter is owned by the Natural Heritage Foundation.

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