About us


In order to do reach its objectives, GSD has enacted a business management system which is chiefly based on the EFQM model, and ISO Standards 9001 and 14000, which deal with environmental issues.

Our internal management model represented the roll-out of our mission and vision, with a complete outline and implementation of our Strategic Plan, intertwined with overall company activity, and coordination and monitoring mechanisms which guarantee perfect synchronization of all established actions.

This management system is implemented in conjunction with the various model tools which are most generally used, as well as others which are more novel/specialized, thereby ensuring that all our objectives are achieved.

The benefits reaped from applying a process-based management system are especially noteworthy.

We apply an array of different models and certifications complementary to our system:

  • The 120 9001 system has been fully implemented.
  • Thanks to our full implementation of Madrid Excelente ISO 9001 quality standard were awarded 607 points in the assessment conducted by its auditors, having risen 10 points with regard to last year, and 30 since our first evaluation in 2015.
  • EFR (Family-responsible companies)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
  • Eco-schools (Awarded the ADEAC Green Flag)
  • CBC (Cooperative Bilingual Schools)
  • Bilingual Schools (Madrid Community)
  • TIC Center of Excellence (CET)
  • During 2010, our Cooperative was recognized with the Silver Medal of Madrid Regional Government for Job Creation and implementing Educational Projects.
  • We were honored in 2014 to receive National Sports Award, the Joaquin Blume Award
  • The Madrid 7 Stars Prize (Madrid area) was awarded to GSD
  • We received the Madrid Excellence Award in January of 2017, devoted to customer confidence. It is given to the companies with excellent levels of customer satisfaction.
  • We also received the I Spanish Educational Marketing prize in January of 2017, in recognition of our participative way of working, which accepts inputs and suggestions from all organization areas, including our families and students.
  • For the fifth time the Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation granted GSD the Stela 2018 Award thanks to the hiring of one member from April 2017-2018.
  • In June of 2018, ADISGUA (the Guadarrama Disabled Persons’ Association) awarded us its Workplace Insertion prize thanks to our inclusion of 4 members in 3 of our schools.
  • During February of 2018, UCETAM awarded GSD’s CEO, Carlos de la Higuera, with the Rochdale Award created that year, in recognition of his trajectory in the field of cooperation.
  • On June 7, 2018, the Antonio Machado Foundation awarded GSD its recognition as the sponsor of the II National Antonio Machado Education Prize for the sustainable protection of nature and the environment.
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