Boarding life


GSD International School Buitrago offers all the human and technical means necessary to guarantee the safety and tranquility of its boarders and day students. The center features a security plan, gatehouse controlling all those who wish to enter and depart, a gated perimeter, night security staff, and physical security systems.

Buitrago del Lozoya is a quiet village, which has all the necessary resources such as a police station and medical clinic, further reflections of our commitment to keeping our centers safe.


As is the case for all GSD schools, GSD International School Buitrago has its own onsite primary care clinic with medical and nursing personnel on staff, and open most of the time.

  • Healthcare
  • Health and prevention education
  • Collaboration with our families
  • Coordination with other center areas, such as meals, allergies, chronic illnesses, and other special needs.

All the above can be found in our Health Care Plan framework, which falls under our Educational project, intended to meet any student needs arising at any given time, as well as foster healthy life choices.


Student meals are the important key to GSD; with this in mind, all our menus are created in our own kitchens by expert chefs, only using hand-picked products used in an exceptional variety of menus, always providing options for those with food allergies.

All our kitchens employ the cutting-edge A.P.P.C.C. hygiene-health control system, to ensure all daily cooking processes are undertaken in the safest way possible, with periodic lab assessments. Our dining rooms also are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our menus are reviewed by the Spanish Dietary Association and SEDCA to ensure our meals are healthy or any other dietary needs.

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