GSD Students, at Madrid Skills 2020

3 February 2020      

Students of GSD IS Buitrago will participate in the Madrid Skills 2020, the Professional Training Olympics of the Community of Madrid, which will be held on March 19. They aim to give visibility to all the teachings of this level of education at the regional, national and international levels. In the last edition 24 different modalities participated. This year Madrid Skills 2020 are held and once again GSD IS Buitrago will participate in five modalities: Cooking, Bakery, CNC Turning and Milling, ICT Network Systems Management and WEB Development.

The process is as follows: the schools of the Community of Madrid are presented to these Olympics in one of the modalities convened. For a day or two (depending on the specialty), students take the test they are asked for. Finally there is a winner in each of the tests. This is the winner of this modality in Madrid Skills and will be the representative of the Community of Madrid in Spain Skills. Likewise, the winner of the Spain Skills will represent Spain in the World Skills, the World Olympics of Vocational Training.

GSD International School Buitrago has participated in the last two editions with excellent results. At Madrid Skills 2016, Esperanza Llamas was first prize in Cooking, Víctor Alonso was second prize in Bakery and Federico González, first prize in Systems Management in Network. In Madrid Skills 2018, Carlos Goldarbeiter was the winner in the CNC Milling modality. This Olympics are held every two years.

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