Costa Rica's ambassador visits GSD

20 December 2019      

The GSD International School Buitrago has hosted the meeting with the representative to explain the collaboration agreement between GSD and the Earth University of Costa Rica. It is an agreement for the development of curricular practices in the environmental field by Costa Rican students.

Costa Rica's ambassador in Spain, Ana Helena Chacón, has come to GSD International School Buitrago to learn first-hand about the collaboration agreement between GSD Education and the Earth University (School of Agriculture of the Wet Region) of Costa Rica, in which the main objective is the development of curricular practices at the environmental level for Costa Rican students, although it is also open to other collaborations, studies and research.

Mutual pedagogical benefit: After touring the facilities of the center and attending the exhibitions on this agreement, the ambassador of Costa Rica, Ana Helena Chacón, appreciated the agreement: "I find extraordinary when two institutions come together with this background in education. These opportunities of breadth is what we are looking for Costa Rica’s citizens who come to study here, that they can get an extraordinary knowledge. And what we are always looking for our compatriots are, not only in learning, but in cultural life. My hope is that Carla's visit, who has been the first person to come precisely with this exchange system from Earth University, can be an example established year after year so that many of my compatriots can really be filled with everything learning and this beauty."

Carla's experience: "It was an incredible experience," said the student Carla Solís during the meeting held on December 19, 2019. Her practices focused on ecological tourism and environmental education have been the first since this agreement existed and have been developed in Sendas del Riaza, a place that she defines as "magical and beautiful, with great people". From September to December of 2019, Carla has experienced numerous practices, such as the V Encuentro Nacional de Educación Ambiental, as well as the creation of a terrarium, family orchards, a vertical orchard or a butterfly sanctuary. Rafael García, head of the Sendas del Riaza Hostel, claimed with her the importance of sharing values to take care of the planet. Marta López, head of GSD's Department of Environment and Environmental Education, expressed: "These types of projects are part of our hallmarks at all stages of education and bring us very close to Costa Rica for the defense of the environment."

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